Yify Codec Pack V1.0 For Android Full Download

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Yify Codec Pack V1.0

Yify Codec Pack V1.0 And V1.1

Yify codec pack v1.0 Watching documentaries and videos related to your work or movies for entertainment or passing time and listening audio songs and podcasts or any other audio data is one of daily routine. These all video and audio files come in many different formats, so we need different kinds of players to open them.

Software market has abundance of such software’s which play different formats of audio and video files. Nowadays, video streaming is at the peak, and different website need different plugins or format playing software for their video streaming, for example, YouTube requires HTML5 as its default web player, which is also used in smart TV’s and other streaming devices. But we suggest you yify code pack apk.

Working standards of software’s have raised the quality of multimedia streaming eventually. Talking about multimedia streaming, yify code pack for android is a famous Codec which is popular for online video watching and enjoying audio streams. Yify CODEC pack V1.0 is one of the best software’s developed for all above services.

There are many software’s available in the online market which can convert the High Definition videos into other formats which are compatible to your system, so you need to choose wisely when hunting for the video streamers and select Yify Codec Pack to play movie.

Yify.Codec.Pack.V1.0.Zip Compatibility

Yify is available in different compatible version, for Android, Mac, and Windows OS.

yify codec pack v1.1

yify codec pack v1.1 For Windows

It is one of the best media player pack for your windows PC. Although the downloading of heavy media files is a tedious process but when you have yify ,how to play Yify movies without codec?, you can stream them without worrying about there format. Yify codec pack supports all formats of media files which you can stream online.

This software is in extremely compressed format and take less memory from your system hard drive once you install it. How to play  codec movies? This media player works best for online video streaming and also for offline multimedia which you in your collection.

Its having small size and can be downloaded in a minute. Other benefit of this player is that you don’t have to download video files from illegal downloading sites to watch them, you can watch them online. This software has user friendly phase; you don’t need to read any big booklets or watch tutorials to use it. It also streams your videos without buffering in contrast to online video streamers which buffer the videos taking long time.

Yify Codec Pack V1.1 Free Download For Mac

Yify Codec Pack V1.1 crack code is also designed for Mac OS users who can easily download it and enjoy the streaming of Movies and audios. You can watch, movies, play songs and watch cartoons by online browsing. Although Mac is a secure system and do not allow you to enjoy the streaming’s freely as it usually don’t allow you to download free apps and software’s but having this software in your Mac PC you are free to stream any movie you want.

This software is mainly, the gathering of video and sound Codec’s and tools which are used to decode or disentangle the video and audio files. One of its benefit is, you can expect to find recent and updated codec in it which are used by some websites to play their videos.

Yify Codec Pack For Android


In this modern day, everyone has a smart phone which is not equal to a PC but not much less then it. It is handy and can be taken anywhere and video streaming on smart phones is very high. But Android supports few video streaming players which include YouTube and daily motion. So when you want to stream videos from any other site which is not supported by your phone, you certainly need a video streamer which will solve all your hurdles.

So Yify Codec Pack V1.0 is also developed for Android phones to flawlessly stream your videos and audios. All other features of Yify are same for android and Mac like convert yify to mp4.

How to install Codec Pack apk

  • To download Yify codec V1.0 crack code, you have to follow certain steps:
  • First download it from the link given link.
  • Then run it in your system
  • Wait until it is completely introduced in your system.

System Requirement

  • You should be having a good sound card.
  • Microsoft direct X 9.0 or above is required for its flawless working.
  • It works good with 32-bit and 64-bit version of windows.
  • It works for windows Vista, XP, 2000, and windows 7, 8, 8.1.
  • Its not upgraded for Windows 10.

Features of Yify Codec

  • This software is user friendly and comes in handy.
  • It does not have any bugs, and do not contain unstable and low quality Codecs.
  • Its latest version is compatible with new Apple Mac systems and Android devices.
  • This software is updated every now and then according to needs of time.
  • Its best feature is, it has high compatibility to work with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Fire Fox.
  • This software can be customized easily by the user.
  • It takes care of multiple formats without any delay.

Yify Codec Pack V1.0 Supports Following Video Formats:

  • H264
  • H263, H263+
  • DTS
  • E-AC3
  • AAC
  • MP3
  • MP4
  • MO3
  • XM
  • WV
  • AC3
  • MPEG 1
  • MPEG 4 (Xvid, DivX 4 DivX 5, DivX 6, DivX 6, DivX 7 DivX8)
  • MPEG2
  • Nero Digital
  • Vorbis
  • VOB
  • XviDand
  • UMX

Download the Yify Codec Pack v2 0 zip and enjoy online streaming of infinite movies and audio files.

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