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Shadow Fight 3 Apk

Shadow Fight 3 Apk

Shadow Fight 3 Apk Games are important in our cell phones to kill time and to stay very busy. Playing games is more of an addiction, which make us forget what is going on, around us. Playing a game is a good option when you are travelling or when you are waiting for your appointment in waiting room.

Who don’t like to immerse their self in virtual life for some time during fast running life?

Many of us are addicted to the games, aren’t we? Well, most of us are. Games take our mind to the thrills and adventures, in the virtual world. We love to put all our effort to get, in next level of game without paying attention, where we are and how much time we have spent playing Shadow Fight 3 Apkpure.

In games, there are many categories and 3-D games which really feel virtually real, are loved at most. With advancement of technology and modern graphic designs, games are more fun to play. Games are played by people from every age group, school going kids have their own favorite games, while teens have interest in games which are designed for their age group and adults and even old people like to play games which is fun and time killing, well, if you have a lot of it. Shadow Fight 3 pc was just released for the the best gamer.


You can play any game, either you are a kid, teen or an adult, age groups really does not matter. You have a lot of options now, I only had Mario game in computer.

Some games are really heavy and take time to start while others are light and start quickly and don’t get hanged.

To play some games, you must be having a internet connection or it will not start at all while other games don’t need it and can be played offline. You just need internet for installation of updates in some games which would make them more fun and sometimes updating a game and internet connection available will give you a more chance to win some more scores.This game is called Shadow Fight 3 nekki.

Shadow Fight 3 Game

Shadow Fight 3

Shadow fight 3 is a sequel game in the series of shadow fight gameplay. It is character played, martial art game which is developed by Nekki. It has two predecessors, the first version of the game was released in October 2013 and second version was released in may 2014, for android and iOS users both.

Shadow fight 3 release date is January 2015, world wide. It has a main character of shadow which introduces himself and game starts with the character which is unarmed silhouette of legendary war solider.

Shadow fight 3 Game Story

This story starts with the man who is not having any arms and was finding his destiny. On his way to lands where he might be able to fight the praiseworthy challenger of fight, he has opened the gates of Shadows which released the demons and shadows, making life hell around earth.

In that process he lost his every thing and become a shadow himself. If he will not fight, he will die. The legendry war hero who has become a shadow is the main character and it has to fight many competent enemies to get power and survive.

Download Shadow Fight 3

This game continues with theme as its predecessors, with a shadow of a man who has nothing in hand to fight, but many skills.

You will get simple tutorials which will familiarize you with how to play this game.

Download Shadow Fight 3

It is a Role playing game (RPG) in which you are the shadow hero and have to fight for your life and reach your destiny. You can upgrade your weapons, skills, armor and also magic to win the fight.

This game has five acts in total which are as follows:

Story line Fight, Tournament, Challenge (its not in Act 1), survival and Duel, which requires internet connection.

This game has a physics based and realistic animation.

When you are playing the game, the warrior can only play 5 fights and their energy is drained. In order to get the energy back you have to wait, and when you can not wait you have the option to real money to get its energy instantly back.

Shadow Fight 3 update  has total of 7 provinces, and have their own kings which are named as Lynx, Hermit, Butcher, Wasp, Widow, Shogun and Titan respectively, which shadow have to face.

Main aim in the game is to defeat all these kings, for which you have to kill his guards and challenge him. It is not an easy task to challenge the guards and king so to become stronger in the game you have to buy some armors. For this purpose, you can engage in different mode of play, which are Tournament, Survival Duel and Challenge.

It is one the popular and most wanted game for android.

Shadow Fight 3 Download Fighting Styles

You are given the option to choose from three different fighting styles. By using these styles, you can create a new way of defeating the enemy. You can choose from the moves given, weaponry, gears allowed for certain level and arrange them the way you like.

The good combination of all these things will make you strong, cataclysmic, agile and deadly. You can use your own techniques in your game.

Shadow Fight 3 Free Download Advanced Technology

This game is in best 3-D graphics which are colorful, with smooth animations and realistic physics and effect make this virtual world feel real; in gaming.

This tool also has deep storyline build properly and has stunning visuals.

It also has hundreds of benefits and super moves.

It also contains variety of fighting modes.

How To Install Shadow Fight 3 Apk

  • It has minimum requirements which vary with the device you are using.
  • You can download the game folder from the link given.
  • It will require 302 MB of space.
  • Install the APK and run it and also you can use shadow fight 3 ios.
  • You are all set to enjoy the new game.

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