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Lucky Patcher Apk

Lucky Patcher – It a one in many Android app which is used for erasing and removing any kind of adds with in applications, to modify play store, allows buying in-app purchases with no cost, and allows usage of applications without license verification. Moreover, it is a hacking tool in which Google Play store can be used illegally in many different kind of ways and manners. It is also used for blocking additional ads with in application.

Lucky Patcher

As Android offers different type of apps in which user is asked to buy membership, as a result the ads are neglected; with this tool the user can easily block ads which annoys the user without paying anything to Google Play store. It is highly required application now a day.

The specialty of lucky patcher original which makes it different and effective than others is that; it gives access to the user so that the user can remove the ads from the application which annoys the user. The most effective part of this application is that the user can easily modify and customize application on demand that doesn’t seem appealing to the user, whether it is a built-in application or a third party application. With Lucky Patcher anything is made possible accordingly

Luckypatcher Features

There are many different features of lucky patcher 2017. It is a one of a kind android application that can be utilized to erase a wide range of in-application ads, play store customization, purchases free in-application, skips the process of verification of license and apps modification. It is known to be a tool which is used for hacking.


This program is also used for blocking the ads as well. There are certain applications that require a pro version for limiting the ads but, the user does not have to waste his time and money on these things. Some of the features of lucky patcher are given below:

  • Blocking Ads:

There are many applications that have ads in it. For removing these ads, lucky patcher by chelpus is used. It can easily block and remove the ad in every type of the application. When a user downloads an application, sometimes they contain many ads due to which the user is forced to delete the app. Now, the user can fully enjoy the same application without any interrupting ads. Through this, the problem of these interrupting ads has been solved now because this program fully removes or deletes the unwanted ads.

  • Conversion of Apps into System Apps:

If a user does not want to delete an app and want to keep it forever, then he can convert the app into system app. A third party app can also be converted into system app through this software. Any normal app can be moved and modified easily into system app through lucky patcher apk here.

  • Removal of License Verification:

If the user downloads an application from Google Play Store and it needs verification code or license then rather than wasting time and searching for other apps that doesn’t meet user’s recommendations then lucky patcher ios is the best app which can ignore the license verification while applying some modifications with in the app and the user can easily access to any kind of game without any limitations for free with solving the issue of license verifications.

  • Backup and Restoring Apps:

lucky patcher apk no root provides another amazing feature for the users which can backup user’s android apps and data. Gives access to the user in a way that the user can save important data of applications. With this application/tool, the user is able to save any of the applications, and the application has a feature of backing up those applications and data in cloud so the user won’t lose anything. After the applications and data gets backed up the user can restore the applications and data in very simple and easy manners.

  • Move Applications to SD card:

This particular tool provides all user functionality of moving and copying applications to SD card. This becomes ease of access to user as there are many applications and games which are larger in size and they consume huge amount of space and can affect the performance of the device. So it can shift the huge space consuming to SD card with Lcky Patcher.

  • In-App Purchases for Free:

Every user which installs games and any other application, and faces a situation where the user wants to get the full access of unlimited gaming sources. For those users lucky patcher old version is the tool which also solves this issue without wasting money while giving the feature of in-app purchases.

Lucky Patcher Download

Lucky Patcher allows the user to get full access on any android application with an ease. With an ease it can also be used on un rooted devices but using the full functioned application the device must be rooted. With rooted device the functionality of the application gets unlimited while with un rooted device the limitations arises. There are certain steps taken for downloading see, how to use lucky patcher which are as follows:

  1. Download the application directly from the website.
  2. After that; download the application called BUSY BOX from Google Play Store.
  3. Once BUSY BOX is installed, tap it and by giving the permissions of rooting device.
  4. After granting permission tapping on the install button does the job.
  5. After the installing of BUSY BOX open the settings from the application menu and tap on security
  6. In security section, enable Unknown Sources.
  7. Now tap on Lucky Patcher Apk which has been downloaded before, which is in downloads folder.
  8. Tap on install and wait for few minutes until the installation process is completed.
  9. After the installation process is completed of “Lucky Patcher”; open it from the main menu of android operated device.
  10. The user will see a window, list of application that has been installed in the device including system applications.
  11. After customization of the applications the user can easily enjoy the full access of the application including in-app purchases of the applications which are present in the android device.

Lucky Patcher Android

The lucky patcher tool can also be used with un rooted android operated devices,  for using it there are certain steps that should be taken while using the software which are as follows:

  1. Download the Lucky Patcher Apk file directly from the website.
  2. After the file is being downloaded, open the Apk file.
  3. Go to the setting application in the main menu of the android device and tap on security and allow the Unknown Source.
  4. After enabling the Unknown Sources, Install the Apk file.
  5. After the installation process it, a window will appear which shows you the list of the applications which are installed in the device.
  6. Tap on the application which you want to customize.
  7. After tapping on the application which you want to customize, app information opens up and launch applications will appear.
  8. Tap on the Open Menu for Patches option which is available in the Lucky Patcher.
  9. Click on the Create Modified Apk File option.
  10. Now Finally just tap on the launch option for customizing the application and creating the new modified apk file.
  11. After th whole process the user is able to enjoy the full access of the Lucky Patcher without rooting the android operated device.

Download Lucky Patcher Pros and Cons

Although Lucky Patcher is an amazing application but it has some pros and cons like any other product, that the user must have information in mind before installing it. They are listed below;


  1. Lucky Patcher can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store.
  2. It ensures the details of any application.
  3. This apk enables the users to know about the exact condition of the application of whether the application of its originality.
  4. It runs as flat as a pancake and it is quick according to other applications.
  5. It also helps the users to customize the applications in their own particular way.


  1. The functions that this tool has access are illegal.
  2. It requires rooting of the device to enjoy the full functionality of Lucky Patcher.

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